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URL: /MIBs/Ent/C/Cabletron Systems, Inc. (CSI)/Cabletron Systems, Inc. (CSI)/[Previous]/Enterprise (other than SFSVLAN and SmartSwitch Router)/2000/04/20/SSA/ct-daregistry-mib.txt

Parent Directory

MIB File: ct-daregistry-mib.txt
  [OID] ctDARegistryAdminStatus
  [OID] ctDARegistryDescr
  [OID] ctDARegistryEntry
  [OID] ctDARegistryIndex
  [OID] ctDARegistryInstance
  [OID] ctDARegistryLastChange
  [OID] ctDARegistryOperStatus
  [OID] ctDARegistryTable
  [OID] ctSSA
  [OID] .
  [OID] .
  [OID] .
  [OID] .
  [OID] .
  [OID] .
  [OID] .
  [OID] .
  [OID] .
  [OID] enterprises.52.4497
  [OID] enterprises.52.4497.1
  [OID] enterprises.52.4497.1.1
  [OID] enterprises.52.4497.1.1.1
  [OID] enterprises.52.4497.1.1.2
  [OID] enterprises.52.4497.1.1.3
  [OID] enterprises.52.4497.1.1.4
  [OID] enterprises.52.4497.1.1.5
  [OID] enterprises.52.4497.1.1.6