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Spiceworks is Ready for Action!

Secure HTTPS Support for Multiple Networks
Customize and Control Scan Schedules
Automate & Organize your Help Desk
Use Spiceworks in your own Language
SQL Server Monitoring keeps an eye on performance
Edit your Network Maps

Spiceworks 7.5:

Spiceworks 7.4:

Spiceworks 7.3:

Spiceworks 7.2:

Spiceworks 7.1:

Spiceworks 7.0:

Spiceworks 6.2:

Spiceworks Help Desk Android IT App is now available in the Android Market: Get the App in the Android Market

Spiceworks Help Desk iPhone App is now available in the Apple iTunes store: Get the App on iTunes

Spiceworks 5.0:

See Network Device Changes & Restore to Previous Versions
View More Devices & Details in Your Network Map
Discover More Virtualized Machines…Plus Manage Them!
Cruise Through a Cleaner (& Faster!) Spiceworks Interface
Real-time Windows performance monitoring
See Your People & their Devices in a Whole New Way
See a Management Dashboard of Help Desk Activity
MSP? Run a Centralized, Secure Help Desk with Multiple Client Portals!
Streamline Your Purchase Tracking & Processes
Manage Your Equipment & Labor Costs (Especially for MSPs!)

See Network Device Changes & Restore to Previous VersionsMSP? Run a Centralized, Secure Help Desk with Multiple Client Portals!Streamline Your Purchase Tracking & ProcessesManage Your Equipment & Labor Costs (Especially for MSPs!)

Spiceworks 4.7 Release:

Warranty Scanning
Rackspace Email Integration
Exchange 2007/2010 Support
Real-time Windows performance monitoring

Warranty CenterRackspace EmailMicrosoft Exchange HealthPerformance Monitor

Now with Increased Scalability, Security, and Customization.
    Whether you’re running a one-man shop, a full-service IT department or an MSP - Spiceworks has you covered. With our 17th release in just 3 years, 4.5 touts a more robust Apache back-end to increase speed and performance, and keep your data safe and secure.
    Update to Spiceworks now to get all of the latest improvements.
    Then check out the full list of fixes & features.

Secure HTTPS Support for Multiple NetworksGet SSL & HTTPS Security with 4.5

    If you manage multiple sites or clients, 4.5 provides HTTPS/SSL support to give you the stability and security you need to get data from your entire network.
    Ensure secure connections between different locations
    Run a safe end-user portal without concerns of password protection.

Customize and Control Scan SchedulesSchedule Scans – on Your Terms

    4.5 will let you scan exactly what you want – whether by device, IP range, or subnet – when you want!
    Select which days you’d like to run scans
    Use global scan settings to choose when you’ll run scans
    Set custom schedules on your highest priority devices

Automate & Organize your Help DeskRun a More Robust Help Desk

    Simplify your projects and users requests – create rules to automatically group and take action against incoming tickets.The improved Help Desk apps will let you:
    Create custom views to automatically popular based on criteria you set
    Set rules to instantly take action from incoming tickets.

Use Spiceworks in your own Language

    For the first time ever, you’ll be able to use Spiceworks in more than 11 languages (and that number will continue to grow!)Among the languages currently available:
    Use Spiceworks in Your Preferred Language
    Queen’s English
    Español de Latinoamerica
    Português do Brasil

SQL Server Monitoring keeps an eye on performanceDownload the Power Manager Plugin and the SQL Server Widget

    Retrieve your network’s SQL Server info with the new SQL monitoring widget. Health checks run every minute to ensure information is always accurate and up-to-date.The SQL Server tool lets you:
    automatically detect SQL Servers on your network
    get instant access to data charts indicating server help
    create multiple midgets to monitor the information most important to you.

Edit your Network MapsEdit Your Network Map

    With the days of manually plotting your network coming to end, Spiceworks now automatically maps your network and lets you make edits for improved accuracy.The new editable network map lets you:
    add, remove, and edit lines and nodes
    drag and drop to rearrange and resize nodes and get a more accurate depiction of your network


Last updated: 2015/12/01
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