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Welcome to SNMPLink.org


SNMP portal

SNMPlink.org provides links and information about SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol),
MIB (Management Information Base), Network Management and Network Monitoring.
This portal is designed for network IT professionals from novice to expert:
SNMP Articles
SNMP New Products
SNMP Software (for End User, for Developer)
SNMP Appliance (Hardware, Virtual)
SNMP Resource (SNMPv3, MIB, ASN.1, Books, Forum, Specialists...)

SNMP overview

SNMP is the network protocol developed to manage devices on an IP network.
SNMP is defined in RFC (Request For Comments) by IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force).
SNMP is everywhere: server, workstation, router, firewall, switch, hub, printer, ip phone, appliance...
SNMP is used by network administrators:
to manage network performance
to find and solve network problems
to plan network growth...