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New SNMP Products

New SNMP Product
Spiceworks is Ready for Action!

New SNMP Product

Tibbo SystemsPreviewAggreGate Network Manager ensures industry-leading SNMP monitoring and management features. AggreGate Network Manager is an enterprise-grade IP network management, monitoring and supervision system based on AggreGate Device Management Platform. Being built upon AggreGate IoT Platform, AggreGate Network Manager provides unique features as compared to other distributed network management software, such as advanced SNMP data analysis tools, integrated Report Editor or open-source SDK.
Mindarray SystemPreviewMotadata is a truly unifying monitoring and management software that provides deep insights into all layers of your IT environment ? applications, databases, servers and network devices ? irrespective of whether they are hosted on physical servers, or virtual, on-premise or in-cloud.
Vutlan s.r.o (Sky Control)PreviewVT300 / Monitoring unit The unit is used for temperature, humidity, voltage, leakage, smoke, airflow, doors control in small facilities. Can connect up to 4 sensors and 4 dry contacts, 2 alarm beacons, GSM modem, USB-?am. There are built-in servers and agents like HTTP, HTTPS, SNMP v1, 2c, 3, SMTP, Radius, Syslog, FTP, Watchdog, DHCP.
Vutlan s.r.o (Sky Control)PreviewVT325 / Monitoring unit The unit is used for temperature, humidity, voltage, leakage, smoke, airflow, doors control in small facilities. It has built-in temperature sensor, can connect up to 12 sensors and 2 dry contacts, 2 alarm beacons, 1-Wire board, USB modem or USB-?am. There are built-in servers and agents like HTTP, HTTPS, SNMP v1, 2c, 3, SMTP, Radius, Syslog, FTP, DHCP, Wachdog.
Vutlan s.r.o (Sky Control)PreviewVT335 / Monitoring unit The unit is used for temperature, humidity, voltage, leakage, smoke, airflow, doors control in small facilities. Can connect up to 30 sensors and 4 dry contacts, two 12V alarm beacons, GSM modem, USB-?am and 1-Wire sensors or readers. There are built-in servers and agents like HTTP, HTTPS, SNMP v1, 2c, 3, SMTP, Radius, Syslog, FTP, DHCP, Wachdog.
Vutlan s.r.o (Sky Control)PreviewVT1008 / Switching PDU Device is used for load management and allows to switch on/off or reboot up to 8 outlets. It has built-in temperature sensor, can connect two additional sensors and 2 dry contacts, 2 alarm beacons, GSM modem and USB-?am.
AKCP, Inc.PreviewsensorProbe+ series
AKCP, Inc.PreviewsensorProbe2+ (SP2+) The world’s best selling environmental and power monitoring platform has been upgraded. Three years in the making the SP2 has a new big brother the SP2+. Start with a basic package to enable monitoring over a single cabinet. Expand to a full data center, one cabinet at a time. Every computer rack monitored using AKCess Pro Server.
AKCP, Inc.PreviewsensorProbeX+ (SPX+) is the latest generation of sensorProbe devices. In a completely new form factor that allows for 1U or 0U mounting with a low profile design it takes up much less cabinet space. SPX+ comes in several standard configurations, but with the AKCP configuration tool you are able to custom design a unit to your own specifications. Choose from various modules to specify the number of dry contacts, sensor ports or an internal modem.
ServersCheck BVBAPreviewServersCheck - Wireless Temperature & Humidity Sensors Zigbee based SNMP wireless sensors for data centers and server rooms
Netmon IncPreviewNetmon 1U Server Appliance includes a data collector module which supports Cisco® NetFlow and sFlow. Netmon monitors network device and interface availability, performance indicators such as bandwidth utilization, packet loss, latency, errors, discards, CPU, and memory for SNMP-enabled devices.
HW groupPreviewHWg-STE2 (Ethernet thermometer) HWg-STE is an ethernet web thermometer with MS Excel reporting software. Alerts by e-mail to high temperature, SNMP support. Up to two temperature/humidity probes can be connected. Supplied with temperature probe, power adaptor and software.
AndrisoftPreviewWanGuard is enterprise-grade software that monitors and protects large WAN networks against DDoS attacks.
AndrisoftPreviewWanGuard - The Flow Sensor component of WanGuard provides a traffic analyzer, collector and DDoS detector that supports NetFlow version 5, 7 and v9; sFlow version 4 and 5; and IPFix
Dmitry TsybulkoPreviewMonitor Master iOS and Android application with simply UI that allow to monitor any SNMP devices and see results on phone widgets
Teracom Ltd.PreviewTCW220 - Ethernet data logger for general purpose data acquisition applications; MODBUS, SNMP and HTTP protocols
Teracom Ltd.PreviewTCG120 - Controller for environmental monitoring, remote control, and data acquisition, home and office alarm systems over GSM/GPRS.
Didactum Security GmbHPreviewZertico Monitoring System 400 - This new monitoring device is the entry solution of the High End IT monitoring appliances from Zertico.
Didactum Security GmbHPreviewZertico Monitoring System 500 - With Zertico`s Monitoring System 500 you get a proven Monitoring solution to protect your mission-critical facilities and sites. This device is applicable across sectors and suitable for Monitoring of sensitive IT infrastructure (server room / data center), as well as for production areas and technical rooms.
Didactum Security GmbHPreviewZertico Monitoring System 500 DC - Zertico`s Monitoring System 500-DC is specifically designed for the remote monitoring of Energy and Telecommunication infrastructure. Designed as a classical IP alarm server, moving parts such as air vents or disks are not present in Zertico`s monitoring device.
Didactum Security GmbHPreviewZertico Monitoring System 600 - The Zertico Monitoring System 600 is currently the top model of Zertico`s remote security systems. This SNMP v1/v2c/v3 enabled monitoring appliance has been specifically designed for the 24x7 monitoring of mission-critical infrastructure such as telco infrastructure or data center. Even mission-critical production and logistics infrastructure should be equipped with this TCP/IP based remote security system.
Power AdminPreviewPA Server Monitor The SNMP Monitor works as an SNMP Manager--it can query local or remote SNMP agents for specific values, and then compare those values to thresholds. If the thresholds are passed, actions are fired. In addition, the retrieved values are also stored in the database for creating reports.
KentixPreviewMultiSensor Effective protection of the physical risks in IT- and server-rooms. All in one
eEsensorsPreviewWebsensor (EM32-Le, EM32-Xe) Advanced Environmental Sensors Temperature, humidity and illumination. Ideal for Server room Data center temperature humidity monitoring.
eEsensorsPreviewWater Sensors (AQUO Xe, AQUO Xe) Water Detectors Detects water on basement or factory floor.
eEsensorsPreviewMotion Sensors (MoS-Le, MoS-Xe) Motion Sensors High sensitivity PIR with minimal false alarms.
eEsensorsPreviewSoil Moisture Sensors (SM1-Le, SL1Xe) Soil Moisture Sensors Measure % moisture by volume (0 to 99%)
Teracom Ltd.PreviewTCW240B - Control and monitoring
MonitisPreviewMonitis is a specialist provider of web and Cloud monitoring services, including website monitoring, site load testing, transaction monitoring, application and database monitoring, Cloud resource monitoring, and internal network monitoring.
Accel North AmericaPreviewHawk-I NMS Manager is an Android based NMS (Network Management) application created by customizing the Hawk-I Framework developed by Accel North America. The Hawk-I Manager application is capable of managing SNMP (v1, v2c and v3) enabled devices and has provision for viewing some of the most commonly used MIB tables in MIB-II. The application also makes use of ICMP protocol for tracking the device status. The application facilitates grouping of devices into different groups.
INVEA-TECH a.s.PreviewFlowMon The FlowMon solution delivers the flow-based (NetFlow/IPFIX) monitoring for all organizations and all networks from 10 Mbps to 100 Gbps. It provides the statistics necessary for network monitoring, security, troubleshooting, IP accounting and billing, capacity planning, user and application monitoring, data retention law fulfillment and more.
INVEA-TECH a.s.PreviewFPGA Cards The FPGA cards of the INVEA-TECH a.s. company are high-performance appliances designed for development of hardware-accelerated applications. They are equipped with powerful Xilinx's Virtex chips. High-performance implies low latency of data processing that is important requirement of time-critical applications. Key feature of our cards is flexibility that enables rapid and comfortable development of user applications.
INVEA-TECH a.s.PreviewFPGA Appliances Nowadays high-speed and backbone networks reach speeds of tens of Gbps. It is necessary to have tools for monitoring, securing and testing of these networks too. In order to satisfy these requirements INVEA-TECH company developed a set of FPGA appliances designed for these purposes. FPGA appliances use hardware acceleration, which provides sufficient performance and allows to use these FPGA appliances in the above mentioned networks.
CloudView NMSPreviewCloudView NMS is a standards-based network management and monitoring system. It can discover,monitor and perform many functions with any vendor SNMP or TCP/IP devices. It provides you with the consistent geographical view of your whole network.
GeneosoftPreviewAuditAxon Performs an audit of the software installed on the computers that have enabled the SNMP service.
ihiji, IncPreviewinvision a cloud based Network Management as a Service (NMaaS) platform
Advans IT Services Inc.PreviewNetwork Management as a Service The Advans Distributed Networking appliance, netPulz, combines the functionality of a router, VPN and firewall in one to provide secure SSL site-to-site connections across the Internet backbone. By employing netPulz, your network is securely integrated with the network hosting your application(s) which can eliminate expensive routers, VPN’s, firewalls, and dedicated data circuits with a managed service, i.e., Network Management as a Service or NMaaS.
Advans IT Services Inc.PreviewnetPulz With the Advans Transparent Networking Appliance, (netPulz) a proprietary hardware/software platform, two or more disparate networks can be integrated to appear as one, yielding a more ¬flexible and less expensive alternative to routers and traditional WAN’s.
NeDiPreviewNeDi (Network Discovery Suite) - Opensource network discovery and management - CDP, FDP and/or LLDP based network discovery suite
Proteus SensorPreviewProteus M5 - Wi Fi Motion Sensor
Proteus SensorPreviewProteus DX - WiFi Door Sensor
Proteus SensorPreviewProteus Aquo - Wi-Fi Water Sensor
Proteus SensorPreviewProteus AMBIO - Wireless Temperature/ Humidity Sensor
PreviewSnmpB is an SNMP MIB browser. It supports SNMPv1, SNMPv2c & SNMPv3. SnmpB can browse/edit/load/add MIB files and can query SNMP agents. It also supports agent discovery, trap events, and graph plotting. Supported Operating System: 32-bit MS Windows (NT/2000/XP), All BSD Platforms (FreeBSD/NetBSD/OpenBSD/Apple Mac OS X), OS X, Linux, NetBSD. License: GPL
Gambit CommunicationsPreviewMIMIC sFlow Simulator creates a lab full of devices based on sFlow, Cisco® NetFlow, Juniper® J-Flow, IPFIX data to completely evaluate and test your Flow monitoring, management and analysis applications.
GeneosoftPreviewWmiAxon is a free program that allows you to monitor computers in network environments. The administrator selects a WMI class from a list, or create a simple WQL query, thereby having a list of instances and properties.
GeneosoftPreviewLogAxon is a free server receiving and collecting SNMP traps and Syslog messages. The program allows you to filter the information received and inform the network administrator via e-mail or SMS.
TruePath Technologies Inc.PreviewLMS (Line Monitoring Software) - Easy to use monitoring software Customer centric graphs and reports (with data warehousing) Built-in web portal for end customers
Trogon SoftwarePreviewTrogon Network Inventory - Hardware\software inventory tool for windows networks (WMI-based)
Trogon SoftwarePreviewTrogon MAC Scanner - IP and MAC addresses scanner for LAN
MindArray SystemsPreviewMindArray IT Performance Manager MindArray offers unified network performance monitoring solution focused on real-time analytics, root-cause analysis and robust event management from any source - By combining global resources (local, remote and hosted)
Kratos NetworksPreviewNetwork Traffic Monitor - Get an at-a-glance view of real-time network traffic usage from the desktop without having to log into a management program. Easily monitor inbound and outbound traffic used by routers, switches, servers and other SNMP enabled network devices.
SysAidPreviewSysAid is an IT service management and help desk software that integrates all the essential IT tools into one Service Desk. Its rich set of features include a powerful Help Desk, Asset Management, and other easy-to-use tools for analyzing and optimizing help desk performance.
vNextPreviewMIB2MP is an SNMP management pack generator for SCOM. This solutions enables SCOM user to quickly and easily generate custom SCOM management packs in order to monitor any network devices. Get your devices MIB files, create your monitoring rules and generate a ready-to-use management pack in a few minutes. Try it for free on www.mib2mp.com
Yuriy VolokitinPreviewLanTopolog 2 is an application that provides physical network topology discovery, visualization and monitoring
nmsserver.comPreviewNMSServer Enterprise Server is built on top of the NMSServer framework and gives multiple options to the enterprise NMS Administrators. It has all the common models(of popular vendors ) that is supported by SaaS edition and a tool to integrate 3rd Party Models created by other developers. It also has the ability to add Dynamic Data Collectors and assign nodes to these data collectors at run time.
AirP Systems LLCPreviewVMsensors Temperature and intrusion monitor -- simple USB sensor + VM = inexpensive, easy monitoring via SNMP or web service
IdeaDataPreviewNetFlow Auditor profiles flow data to help organizations quickly identify and alert on network anomalies to help resolve performance problems and manage network security and compliance across business services and applications. Highly fault tolerant, scalable and granular. Learns intensive network profiles with real-time, trending, multiviews, scheduled reporting and alerting. ipv6 compliant. Supports Cisco NetFlow v5/7/9, IPFIX, sFlow, jFlow, NetStream and Flexible NetFlow on Linux and Windows.
OpmantekPreviewNMIS NMIS (Network Management Information System) - FREE Enterprise and Telco Grade Network Management System, Multi Vendor, Scalable, High Function, fast to implement - the Virtual Appliance is also free.
OpmantekPreviewNMIS opFlow NMIS (Network Management Information System) is free software with a massive amount of features. Their opFlow module is a commercial module but very low cost and it is fully integrated with the management system so flow data is linked/correlated with the rest of the information in the management system
RGE, Inc.PreviewIPSentry Network Monitoring Suite is a centralized Windows based network monitoring and notification suite used by thousands of System Administrators, VARs, and IT solution providers around the world.
Verax Systems Corp.PreviewVerax SNMP Agent Simulator is a tool that can simulate multiple SNMPv1/v2c agents on a single host on standard 161 port through multi-netting.
Kratos NetworksPreviewArticles - 8 Keys to Successfully Implementing SNMPv3 For Enterprise Networks
KS-Soft - Advanced Host MonitorPreviewHostMonitor is a highly scalable network monitoring software suitable for small and enterprise-level networks.
Skyline CommunicationsPreviewDataMiner is the most advanced end-to-end multi-vendor network management software platform available for the IPTV, satellite, HFC broadband and broadcast industry. One interface to manage your entire operational ecosystem, across any vendor and technology boundaries, results in a significant reduction of operational expenses and increased quality of service.
AcipiaPreviewSmartReport is a monitoring solution for IP infrastructure providing an accurate vision of the conditions and performances of your IT infrastructure. Designed as an appliance, SmartReport is designed to integrate easily and quickly in your architecture
Fabrice BellardPreviewFFASN1 compiler ASN1 compiler and message editor
EQUICOM Production Group [RU]PreviewPING3 & PING2 Series [RU] - sensor monitoring device (Temperature, Humidity, Water, Security, Remote Power Control, Power Sensors)
EQUICOM Production Group [UA]PreviewPING3 & PING2 Series [UA] - sensor monitoring device (Temperature, Humidity, Water, Security, Remote Power Control, Power Sensors)
Dave HopePreviewCisco Device Info - A program designed to display detailed information about a router or switch using SNMP. Graphing throughput and displaying information from Cisco devices.
BMCPreviewHelp Desk Software - Track It! BMC Track-It! brings together everything you need to deliver a great IT help desk service and gain better control of your IT environment. Robust, secure and cost-effective ? Track-It! is designed with the needs of small to mid-sized organizations in mind.
BMCPreviewBMC Mobile Device Management Deliver the controls you need to protect your company?s critical data ? while keeping up with the demands of your mobile workforce. Learn how easy it is to locate, load, and push apps to the corporate app store.
Verax SystemsPreviewVerax NMS is a service availability and performance monitoring system supporting a range of network elements (e.g. Windows and Linux hosts, ATM switches, Brocade and Juniper routers, ADVA Optical Networking FSP), applications (e.g. Apache Tomcat and WebSphere servers, Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server databases), virtualisation (e.g. VMware vSphere) and data center devices (incl. power supplies, air conditioning, sensors and detectors).
IT WatchDogs, Inc.PreviewWatchDog 100-P Climate monitor with on-board temp/humidity w built-in PoE
IT WatchDogs, Inc.PreviewWatchDog 100 Climate monitor with on-board temp/humidity
SpiceworksPreviewSpiceworks Help Desk Android IT App is now available in the Android Market: Get the App in the Android Market
Zoho Corp. (AdventNet)PreviewManageEngine OpManager Enterprise Edition The new OpManager Enterprise Edition is designed to scale the network monitoring and management needs of large enterprises. A sturdy Probe–Central architecture makes it possible to scale as and when an enterprise grows and expands, without compromising on the reliability...
ClearApps.comPreviewNetwork Inventory Advisor (formerly PC Inventory Advisor) 3.9 audits all network software and hardware simply and efficiently. It automatically discovers all your network assets (Windows, Mac OS, Linux, SNMP-powered devices & more), scans them and builds flexible network inventory reports...
Zoho CorporationPreviewManageEngine Free SQL Health Monitor - MS SQL Monitoring made easy - must have tool for DBA
Lan-Secure CompanyPreviewLan-Secure Configuration Center - Network configuration management software for SNMP/SSH/Telnet devices from any vendor, that backup configurations, monitor history changes, compare changes and restore configurations of network devices.
Lan-Secure CompanyPreviewLan-Secure Wireless Protector - Wireless management and security software that automatically disable wireless on computers that connected to the network LAN and re-enable wireless on disconnect
Lan-Secure CompanyPreviewLan-Secure Syslog Center - Network SYSLOG Management Software
azeti Networks AGPreviewSONARPLEX - The SONARPLEX solution enables companies of any size or vertical to monitor the performance and availability of their IT infrastructures, applications and operational technology (OT) as well as environmental parameters. The comprehensive feature list in combination with the low total cost of ownership ensures a fast return on invest and makes the solution the right choice for the monitoring of local and distributed technical infrastructures.
SpiceworksPreviewSpiceworks Help Desk iPhone App is now available in the Apple iTunes store: Get the App on iTunes
SevOne, Inc.PreviewNetFlow Analysis When monitoring the performance of applications and networks, the more insight you have into the actual traffic, the better. NetFlow provides this insight...
SevOne, Inc.PreviewCloud Systems Management and Virtual Infrastructure Management The convergence of compute, network and storage in the cloud makes real-time provisioning and dynamic allocation of IT resources critical. Planning capacity, monitoring and adjusting resource consumption on-the-fly across a variety of service levels and applications are all key to delivering on customer expectations...
NetMechanicaPreviewNetDecision 4.5 has been released - NetDecision is an integrated Network, System, Application and Datacenter monitoring software that offers advanced levels of fault and performance management functionalities.
Zoho CorporationPreviewManageEngine Free Exchange Health Monitor - The Free "ManageEngine Exchange Health Monitor" tool will address this monitoring requirement. The ManageEngine Exchange Health Monitor tool, monitors important parameters of Exchange 2003 servers and Exchange 2007 servers. The tool fetches comprehensive data about the servers and exchange servers details, presents them as visually elegant graphs and reports. The relevant data, graphs and reports are displayed in a desktop tool dashboard providing wealth of information about the realtime function
SpiceworksPreviewSNMP Network Management from Spiceworks - Spiceworks Free IT Desktop delivers nearly everything you need to simplify your IT job. Designed for small- and medium-sized businesses, Spiceworks single, easy-to-use interface combines Network Inventory, Help Desk, SNMP v3 Monitoring, TFTP Server Management, Reporting, Monitoring and Troubleshooting. And, it connects you with other IT pros to share ideas, solve problems and decide what additional features you need in Spiceworks.
SpiceworksPreviewTFTP Server for Network Configuration Management from Spiceworks. Free TFTP tool built in to the free Spiceworks IT management desktop to manage network config.
SpiceworksPreviewActive Directory Management from Spiceworks - Free Active Directory Management Software to integrate with your network inventory and help desk software and update employee accounts and profiles.
JalasoftPreviewXian Network Manager Io R2 is the solution for all your network performance issues. Xian NM Io R2 proactively discovers potential problems and bottlenecks before they become more serious. With hundreds out of the box rules that can be customized to meet your individual needs, you can focus on monitoring the most critical parts of your network more intensively than others.
Observium ProjectPreviewObservium Autodiscovering PHP/MySQL based network monitoring system with support for a wide range of network hardware and operating systems.
Ipswitch, Inc.PreviewWhatsUp Gold Engineer's Toolkit - one application, one installation, one interface to help you monitor, diagnose, and resolve network issues faster than ever before. The Engineer's Toolkit has a single login and credentials library, features robust functionality, and is designed to simplify common network engineering tasks. The Engineer's Toolkit can help you with: - Network design and planning - DNS verification - Network diagnostics - Remote access to devices and servers - Network discovery - Configuration and credential management
Cyclone Technology LimitedPreviewnetPrefect is an enterprise class management and monitoring solution designed primarily for managed service providers that uses a variety of mechanisms to communicate with managed entities including but not limited to snmp, wmi, rs232 and icmp in order to collect statistical and state information (e.g. cpu usage, device/service availability etc) as well as executing management functions on the device.
iGLASS NetworksPreviewiGLASS provides outsourced Network Monitoring Services to companies nationwide.
Augur Systems, Inc.PreviewSocket Station is a professional "data router" application that is a software hub for any real-time data, including SNMP. Binary events (like SNMP) can be translated into human-readable formats like XML, or forwarded in their raw format over TCP and/or UCP. SNMP is just one protocol; Socket Station's plug-in architecture supports many more, including polling too. Corporations use Socket Station as a central point of flexibility for logging and replicating live data streams for multiple simultaneous uses.
Augur Systems, Inc.PreviewAugur is an event monitor, notification system, and manager-of-managers. A graphical rule engine speeds configuration. Plug-ins promote customization. The FREE version is full-featured. The cluster version scales for multiple data centers. Runs on any modern O/S. Manage logs, proprietary event streams, hardware consoles, etc. Correlate alerts from other NMSs too.
Centina SystemsPreviewNetOmnia Next-generation, comprehensive fault and performance management, application monitoring and service assurance in a single solution. NetOmnia's user interface is 100% web-based and allows you to easily consolidate the monitoring of every device, application and service in your network. Dramatically reduces network troubleshooting and ongoing administration and maintenance. Configurable drag-and-drop dashboards to view all info on a single screen - alarm views, reports, charts, or external URLs.
MetricStream Inc.PreviewCompliance Management software solution provides a common framework and an integrated approach to manage all compliance requirements faced by an organization.
Wangya Computer Co., Ltd.PreviewOsMonitor monitoring software was designed for network monitoring and employee monitoring. You can find every detail about your employees' PC on server.
ICP DAS Venezuela, C.APreviewWinPAC, ViewPAC, Indusoft SNMP solution for SCADA - InduSoft: SNMP Agent is functioned in Indusoft for WinPAC and ViewPAC platforms. Users can easily gather I/O or system information from Indusoft controllers (WinPAC, ViewPAC) via Internet to remote SNMP manager stations
ControlByWebPreviewX-300 Monitor and control temperatures remotely over an IP network using either a standard web-browser or by using SNMP requests.
ControlByWebPreviewX-301 (WebRelay-Dual) It is a robust, full-featured, web-enabled, mini Ethernet I/O module with two 5-Amp relays and two optically-isolated digital inputs. It has non-volatile memory for logging, a real-time clock with support for NTP (time server) synchronization and an advanced full-calender scheduler which can be used to turn on/off relays at preset times.
AdRem SoftwarePreviewAdRem Inventory - AdRem Network Inventory takes a complete asset, hardware and software inventory of your entire Windows network. It also tracks all hardware and software changes and allows you to manage company licenses. Over 30 built-in reports gives you immediate insight into your assets.
The Icinga ProjectPreviewIcinga an Open Source Monitoring System, based on the well-known software Nagios
MerethisPreviewCentreon Network, Systems and Application monitoring - based upon the Open Source monitoring engine Nagios
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