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SNMP TRAP Resource

An SNMP TRAP is a message which is initiated by a network element and sent to the network management system.
For example, a router could send a message if one of it's redundant power supplies fails or a printer could send an SNMP trap when it is out of paper.

In SNMPv1, asynchronous event reports are called traps while they are called notifications in later versions of SNMP.
In SMIv1 MIB modules, traps are defined using the TRAP-TYPE macro;
in SMIv2 MIB modules, traps are defined using the NOTIFICATION-TYPE macro.

SNMP TRAP Articles & Documents
SNMP Trap Translator / Correlator
Nagios & SNMP Trap

SNMP TRAP Articles & Documents

Cisco SystemsPreviewUnderstanding Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) Traps
Net-SNMPPreviewNet-SNMP Tutorial -- traps
Net-SNMPPreviewsnmptrap, snmpinform - sends an SNMP notification to a manager
Net-SNMPPreviewsnmptrapd - Receive and log SNMP trap messages.
Net-SNMPPreviewsnmptrapd.conf - configuration file for the Net-SNMP notification receiver.
Net-SNMPPreviewtraptoemail - snmptrapd handler script to convert snmp traps into emails.
Net-SNMP WikiTUT:snmptrap - Trap Definitions
Net-SNMP WikiTUT:snmptrap SNMPv3 - TRAPs vs INFORMs for SNMPv3
SGI, Inc.Previewsnmpnotify - issue an SNMP notification (Trap or Inform request)
Sun MicrosystemsPreviewSNMP trap: [Overview] [What is an SNMP trap?] [The trap PDU] [Traps in SNMP v1] [Traps in SNMP v2 & v3] [SNMP Informs] [What's in a trap?] [Trap Conversion]
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SNMP Trap Translator / Correlator

PreviewSNMPTT (SNMP Trap Translator) is an SNMP trap handler written in Perl for use with the Net-SNMP / UCD-SNMP snmptrapd program (www.net-snmp.org).
PreviewHandling SNMP Traps with Hobbit Hobbit is a fast replacement for the Big Brother monitoring/alert system.
PreviewSEC (Simple Event Correlator) - open source and platform independent event correlation tool
ByteSphere TechnologiesPreviewOidView SNMP Trap Manager is a fault management and SNMP TRAP Receiver and anaylsis tool that captures SNMP information such as Traps, Notifications, and Informs sent from various agents and devices on a computer network.
ByteSphere TechnologiesPreviewJaguarSX Monitoring Platform with Fault Management is a revolutionary next-generation IT Monitoring and Reporting platform that uses a combination of patent-pending software engines to collect, analyze, correlate, and report on current, historical and even predicted events in your network. FREE Community Edition available with 2500 monitors.
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Nagios & SNMP Trap

PreviewNagios SNMP Trap Interface (NSTI) a PHP frontend for the MySQL or PostgresSQL backend that SNMPTT creates. NSTI allows you to filter SNMP results quickly and effectively to get a comprehensive overview of the information you want to see.
PreviewNagios snmp plugins A set of Nagios plugins using snmp to monitor hosts and network equipement.
PreviewNagios (official website) is an Open Source host, service and network monitoring program.
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PreviewPacketFence (The VLAN isolation is working through SNMP traps). PacketFence is an open-source network access control (NAC) system. Deployed in academic networks around the world, PacketFence is reliable, extremely configurable, and built upon unmodified open-source code (Fedora, LAMP, Perl, and Snort).
Linux JournalPreviewPacketFence Revisited (Article) - 2008/01/01
Linux JournalPreviewPacketFence (Article) - 2007/04/01
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